Writing music has been my key to normalcy. In a time when my life completely changed, my routines were the only things keeping me stable. Writing a song everyday brings me peace, and consistency, hope and release from my troubles.

When I started college in 2008 I was 103 lbs. I have always been shrimpy, shorter than average, with a wispy build. I tried to eat pretty healthy, but I ate as much as I wanted without gaining weight, and I kept active throughout middle and high school with cross-country, tennis and track.

My freshman year of college I started getting really sick. I started losing weight steadily and was experiencing tremendous stomach pain and digestive troubles. Every time I ate my stomach flipped and churned. I couldn’t understand it. I had not changed my diet when I entered school. At first I blamed it on the college food. It was not exactly gourmet. But as the years went on I lost more and more weight. I had terrible dry skin all over my hands and was constantly nauseous and cranky. My head felt foggy, my hair was thinning and my nails were brittle. I knew something was wrong.

By my Sophomore year I weighed a frightening 73 lbs. I was in bad condition, constantly tired, pale and dizzy. The only thing that brought me joy was playing my guitar and writing songs.

My songs became an escape. My way of letting go of the present and slipping into a more secure place, a more comforting place.

It was a very dark time for me, but it was a time where I learned a lot about myself, my strength and my passions. In this period I discovered my love for musicals, writing my first musical entitled Alice Unraveled, a story of a young girl struggling with post-traumatic stress after a sexual assault.  The music seemed to flow out of me so easily, I worked on the show tirelessly. I was consumed by it. I had found my true love. Alice Unraveled  was produced in 2009 in the Rochester New York area and then again in 2012 at SUNY Purchase. Each time that I see the show put on I find new opportunities in it. I love being able to see my work reinterpreted through another’s eyes.

Thankfully, after much trial and error, I found out what was causing my body so much distress. I have multiple food intolerances. I cannot tolerate gluten, or any grains, corn, legumes, and dairy. For a while, when I was still very weak, I could not digest nuts, seeds, sugars, eggs, or any nightshade vegetables. Luckily, I have found a wonderful holistic MD who has helped me to balance myself and heal. I have gotten nuts, seeds, sugars, eggs and nightshades back and finally have a handle on my intolerances and possible autoimmune disorder. I eat a strict paleo diet, so I will post a paleo recipe from time to time on this blog. I am so fortunate to be able to control my illness through diet, instead of having to rely heavily on medications. The way I eat makes me feel good and keeps me healthy. Over the last year I have gained 20 lbs. since my lowest weight and am finally at a stable place health-wise. Being so sick has taught me to appreciate each day that I feel good, and to love the little things in life.

This blog will chronicle my day-to-day musings. It will feature some of my latest musical endeavors including my newest album Bad Shark which is available now for only ten dollars at my website: www.kellyizzo.com. The blog will also include some of my tasty and healthy paleo recipes, artistic inspirations and random fascinations.

Hope this helps you understand me a little bit better.

I am pleased to make your acquaintance.



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