Red, White and Blues

American FlagElections remind me how lucky I am to be in America.

Home of apple pie, levi’s, coca cola and (most importantly) the blues.

A country where we have the right to express ourselves and fight for what we believe in.

A place that allows for the opportunity to progress and move forward socially, politically and economically as long as we hold true to the principals that we built the country on.

Freedom, equal rights, tolerance, justice,

These will build our strength.

If we can come together as Americans, regardless of our party, to help each other and to do what is best for everyone we will continue to be a strong nation.

I am so fortunate to be an artist. To have the ability to practice my music, my writing, free from restriction. I can speak my heart and will not be persecuted for what I believe. Art and metaphor can lead to a greater understanding. It brings people together, people who may have completely different situations, triumphs, struggles and views can find common ground through a piece of art.

I strive to present the voice of everyday people in my music. To show the vulnerability, comfort, sorrow and joy that occur in tiny moments.

We live stringing moments together, I would like to honor each moment, each story and reflect on our moments with an objective eye.

I recently put out my second album called Bad SharkIt is a collection of short stories, the stories that live within the smallest parts of the day. The last track Mischief Thief/ Clatter Drum Song/ Let Go/ Disappear is a four song set that sews some of these moments together and tells one of my most deeply personal stories. I don’t usually write about myself (I prefer to reflect on other inspirations- people I know, or stories that pop into my head) but these songs flowed out one by one and were a great release for me at a time when I was nearly hopeless.

Here are the lyrics:

Mischief thief

Sacrifice your sweet advice

We might as well be waltzing in the dark

Tried to hold you in my arms

You are the sunlight on the rafters

Fleeting as a firefly

Pulsing on the pillow wind

Blythe hands cup the scruff of my neck and you’re gone

You deceive me mischief thief I can’t compete with your love

No don’t leave me incomplete I can’t compete with your love

Had to let you in my heart

A frenzied waltz spin me in the darkness folded over my shoulder

You are the shadow of a star

You are the shadow of a star

You are the sunlight on the rafters


Clatter Drum Song

How am I supposed to open up to you?

Drawing the curtains in this dusty room

Your blue wallpaper wrapped in grey

Where do you expect me to lay my head

When an inconsistent heart beats in your chest

Like a stone rollin’ on the pavement

Clatter drum song

Kicked along

Stoned stumbling on the pavement

I have listened to your arguments I have tried to keep you going

But you don’t need to hear it from me

Why would you erase a day I lent to you

A waive, a wink, a memory spent chewing on your knucles

Those nervous habits get hard to control

And oh you don’t know I notice

And oh you don’t see me watching

You say “I have been so good lately,

Really, I promise.”

But I have listened to your arguments

I have tried to keep you strong

But you don’t want to hear it from me

Let Go

Let you go

Arms lined with snow

Cold and unfriendly

A heart left hibernating

Livin’ on last years dreams

Oh oh I’ve said my peace

Let me go

Let me go

Let me go ooh


If I should disappear

I would like to go out like a fire

I would like to go out like a flame

I would like to go out like a fire ashes and smoke rings

I would like to burn out very quickly

Flicker for an instant and waive goodbye

I would like to go out very quiet

Ashes kiss the horizon

I would like to go out like a fire

I would like to go out like a flame

I would like to go out like a fire

Ashes and smoke rings

If you are interested in Bad Shark you can learn more about it and my other musical endeavors at:

It is available for purchase here and here.

I am proud to be an artist. Proud to be moving forward with the ability to create, explore, learn and grow. I hope we will all be able to follow our hearts and hold onto what we love most. I know that without my music I would be nothing.