Sound and Light

                                             Photo Courtesy of Dan Izzo © 2011

I feel the world through sound and light. Each passing breeze and sparrow song paints a picture in my mind. Each gentle voice, each ticking clock, each flat piano key holds a story waiting to be unlocked, discovered, set free.

I was a sophomore in college before I realized I was different. I guess I had my suspicions when we learned about synesthesia in high school psychology, but it all seemed so technical in class. Too rigid to be my experience. My colors move, take shapes and, if I give in strongly, play mini movies before my eyes. Music dances as it plays.

My eyes and ears have been tied together in this way for as long as I can remember and I would not have it any other way. This connection has influenced the way I write my music. I play on the guitar and then the lyrics flow out of the colors and the story that I see. It is as if the music stretches across my ceiling like a projection and all I have to do is follow it and write it down.

Music is the core of my life. It keeps me centered, it gives me a release, it is a meditative escape from the stresses of the day.

This blog will be about my life, music, inspirations, perceptions, heart ache and joy.

I hope you will find solace in my words.


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